Press Release: LaFortune Resigns As Executive Director


A Letter from Board President Sheri Hughes and Outgoing Executive Director Emerald LaFortune

From Sheri Hughes, Board of Directors President, The Redside Foundation:

It is with sadness and gratitude that the Board of Directors announces the departure of Emerald LaFortune as Executive Director of the Redside Foundation. Emerald joined the Redside Foundation in 2016 and over the past three years has solidified and expanded Redside’s mission of supporting the health and strength of Idaho’s guiding community. Under Emerald’s leadership, the Redside Foundation:

  • Improved and stabilized Redside’s services for Idaho guides including the Idaho Guide Helpline, scholarships, annual health fair, and professional development grants.

  • Built a network of guide liaisons across the state to communicate Redside’s services for guides.

  • Implemented a financial advice line for Idaho guides, a guide day of remembrance, and winter guide gatherings.

  • Built new strategic partnerships for the organization across the state of Idaho.

  • Developed and formalized internal structures and processes.

  • Facilitated organizational growth in all areas, from service use, to media, to fundraising, to board development.

Emerald leaves the Redside Foundation in a strong position for continued growth and service to our Idaho guide community. Over the next month, we will be conducting a search to find the next Executive Director. The Board of Directors and Emerald will be performing interim administrative tasks for the organization during the transition, and it is the Board of Directors priority to maintain a stable and effective organization. We will share the job announcement soon and ask you to keep in mind any potential candidates in your community.

The Board of Directors wishes Emerald the best of luck in her future endeavors. We are appreciative of the dedication and enthusiasm she has given the Redside Foundation over the last three years. We are confident that with Emerald’s support, this transition will be smooth for our Idaho guides, partners, and generous supporters. We look forward to continuing to serve our mission of supporting the health and strength of Idaho’s guiding community.

If you have any questions or concerns during this transition, please don’t hesitate to reach me directly:


Sheri Hughes, President - Board of Directors, The Redside Foundation

From Emerald LaFortune, Executive Director, The Redside Foundation

After three rewarding years of serving Idaho’s guiding community as Director of the Redside Foundation, I recently submitted my resignation to the board. It is bittersweet to move into the next chapter of my career within the salmon and steelhead advocacy campaign at the Idaho Conservation League. I’m looking forward to continuing the work that is important to me: advocating for Idahoans and the resources that sustain our recreation and livelihoods.

I’m incredibly proud of the accomplishments that the board, funders, partners, and I have achieved for the Redside Foundation over the past three years. I’m also deeply grateful for all the relationships I’ve built during my time as Executive Director. The Idaho guiding and outfitting community is one of a kind, and it’s been a joy to work alongside you and all the other supporting partners of our industry.

I remain deeply committed to the Redside Foundation and the trust you have shown in this organization via your support. I will be working in collaboration with the Board of Directors to help the organization transition into new leadership and will be available to the new hire for any questions they might have over the course of 2020. I trust the Board of Directors fully in making a great selection for the next Director and look forward to introducing you to them soon.

I want to thank you for your work supporting Idaho’s guides alongside me. I am committed to remaining a passionate advocate for Idaho’s outdoor guides and hope to remain an Idaho guide myself for many years to come.

See you on the river and on the trail,

Emerald LaFortune -


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