Due to the nature of the guiding profession, seasonal guides often experience unique health challenges and barriers to care. The Redside Foundation encourages guides to take their health seriously and develop relationships with trusted healthcare professionals before issues arise. The below information provides an overview of some of the health issues guides manage. This resource is meant to be used as a starting point and is not comprehensive.

These resources should not be used in lieu of professional care.


Substance Abuse




Sun Exposure & Skin Damage

Overuse Injuries


What Is Depression?


Seasonal Affective Disorder:


How is Depression Treated?


Additional Resources:

Guiding & Depression

"Severe depression should always be addressed immediately. While psychotherapy and medications can be necessary in some cases, it is important to remember the guiding community is a unique one that may require unique means for managing depression. Not only is depression a natural element of the guiding cycles, but each person experiences it differently. Don’t forget to surround yourself by inspiring people that help you grow (supportive community), enjoy yourself in nature, lean on physical activity, yoga and meditation and maintain a healthy diet that encourages a healthy mind!" - Kate Stoddard, Idaho Guide


Preventing Depression




Sun Exposure and Skin Damage


What Is Sun Exposure & Skin Damage?



Who Treats Sun Exposure & Skin Damage?


Sun Exposure & Skin Damage and Guiding

"Since some skin cancers can be insidious and invasive, it is good to get in the habit of doing self-exams. Have a partner or friend check your back to keep an eye on the areas you can’t see. Guiding co-workers are great for this since they spend so much time with you and are often practically family. Early detection and prevention are key to preventing skin disease. This can be hard since this is something where you cannot directly see consequences as they are accumulating in a 'pay later' fashion. Taking care NOW is key to healthy skin throughout life. Skin isn’t just a beauty consideration, it is the largest organ of your body and can metastasize quickly when diseased." - Kate Stoddard, Idaho Guide

Have you had an experience with sun exposure related skin damage? Contact us to tell your story.

Preventing Sun Exposure & Skin Damage