Banner Photo: Kat Cannell

Thank you for a successful 2017 Redside Health Fair!

Made Possible with Generous Volunteer Support:
Doug McVey, Teri Coombs, RN; Alison Styer, Professional Masseuse; Stefanie Magee, P.A.; Polli Buzzini & Tom Mortimer, Life Flight Network; Stephanie Ponzo, Lost Rivers Medical Center; Brhe Zolber; Cascade Memorial Hospital; Elizabeth Price, Yoga Inbody; Pat Bergey, Redside Foundation Board

Services Funded by the Redside Foundation:

  • Blood profile including cholesterol with HDL/LDL (Must fast 8-12 hours prior to bloodwork!)
  • Tetanus shot
  • Hepatitis A & B shots

Other No-Cost Services Provided:

  • Skin checks – Licensed medical professionals will be doing dermatology checks for suspicious lesions from sun exposure
  • Massage with Alison Styer
  • Alcohol abuse, suicide, STD prevention pamphlets
  • Brhe Minkler, licensed counselor, available for questions
  • Healthcare providers will be available for blood pressure checks and to answer medical questions
  • Life Flight Network will be selling memberships for $35/person!

*The Annual Redside Foundation Health Fair is no-cost to ALL Idaho guides. Stay tuned for 2018 date and location.