Our Mission:

supporting the health and strength of Idaho's guiding community. 

We achieve this through: 1) supporting guide health 2) providing educational scholarships and 3) professional development opportunities for guides. 

The Redside Foundation seeks to serve ALL of Idaho’s seasonal guides through education, training, and support services including the provision of confidential access to mental and physical healthcare and substance abuse counseling for guides in need.

Throughout the past few years, the Redside has:

  • Provided over 50 $100 training grants to professional courses such as wilderness first aid/first responder and swiftwater rescue courses.

  • Awarded 15 $1000 educational scholarships to guides attending either the University of Idaho (Telly Evans Memorial Scholarship) or any accredited university within the US (Idaho Guide Scholarship).

  • Introduced the Idaho Guide Helpline - a free & confidential mental health helpline available for Idaho guides.

  • Provided confidential financial assistance to obtain mental healthcare for guides-in-need.

  • Introduced a Financial Health Helpline connecting guides with a Financial Planner.

  • Sponsored an annual health fair at the Idaho River Rendezvous for five years running.